Intro Photo Course

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Intro Photo Course

This Open course aims to equip you with fundamental creative, visual and technical skills in photography. It is a practical, task oriented course filled with creative approaches to making photographs that will help you develop your photography as a means of imaginative self-expression and experimentation. The course is rooted in the main genres of photography and will provide you with a solid intellectual foundation, in plain language, to pursue photography at Degree level. It can equally be studied as a stand-alone course which will transform how you think about photography and the photographs you take.

Only if you want to be professional...

Camera shutter
1st lesson - Theory and Practice
  • Acquaintance with the camera
  • Fundamentals of exponetry
  • Basic exposure parameters
  • Color rendition. White balance
  • Lenses
  • Photography
Camera target
2nd lesson - Theory and practice
  • Working patterns of the camera
  • Metering modes
  • Variants of autofocusing
  • Optional accessories
  • Photography
Compact folding camera
3rd lesson - Theory
  • The phenomenon of photography
  • What is a good photo
  • Differences between professional and amateur photography
  • The genres of photography
  • Reportage and staged photography
  • Landscape photography
  • Photography of people. Features of photography on vacation, wedding, birthday, etc
  • Object photography (still life)
Day light
4th lesson - Theory
  • Basics of composition
  • Visual means of photography
Focusing target
5th lesson - Practice
  • Photographing in natural light
  • Photographing with the use of reflectors
  • Photographing with on-camera flash
Hands framing
6th lesson - Theory
  • Psychology of working with a professional and non-professional model
  • Fundamentals of photographic production
  • Logic of work with the customer
  • Basic principles of organizing a photo shoot
  • Studio instruments and light-shaping nozzles
  • Logic of work, basic light schemes
Monitor with picture
7th lesson - Practical lesson in the studio
  • Studio photo session with a professional model
Photographer umbrella
8th lesson - Photo processing. Results
  • Selection of footage
  • Options for photo processing
  • Presentation the finished material

Learning Process

Students review

Student image
Testing BC
You prepare people to carry out skills in the real world. Keep up the good work. What I have learned in this course, I will be able to apply in the real world.
Student image
Intro Photo Course
I received my certificate, and I would like to thank you for your support. Your course was challenging, but you were always there supporting me and ready to help. I enjoyed your class tremendously. I look forward to taking another class with you.
Student image
Photo Retouching
The course exceeded my expectations in many regards — especially in the depth of information supplied and the access to the instructor for feedback on work in progress.
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